Friday, November 2, 2012


I have done quite a lot of covers for Jory Sherman. On most of them I am the model (the cheapest one I know). My wife took dozens of pictures of Indigo and me. I ended up mixing and matching and, of course, making the hero young and dashing.
Berkley Books/Steve Ferlauto AD


This William W. Johnstone series, published by Kensington Books, has been hugely successful. Displayed here are 2 covers of the 17 books that are now in print.
My friend, Michel, was the model on most of these. 
Lou Malcangi was, and continues to be, Art Director!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Brothers O'Brien

This is #1of a very successful series by WILLIAM W. JOHNSTONE .
Art Direction by Lou Malcangi.
The editor at Kensington Books liked the movie poster art for True Grit and asked if we could emulate it.

 The artist and his old horseback riding pal, Michel, were the models for this cover art. Some morphing, a little plastic surgery and - voila - a clan was born.

 I have done 6 Brothers O'Brien covers so far. Click on the William W. Johnstone link to see more.